Editorial Services

Editorial Services Including Copy Editing and Proofreading

Using our XpressEDIT service, an editor can add professional polish to your print documents and web pages. XpressEDIT is used by native and non-native English speakers worldwide.

Even the best writers make errors. But you don’t want to be one of them. Our editors can help clean up your sloppy copy, or provide final proofreading to catch grammatical errors and typographical errors that — no matter how many times you read the text — always seem to find their way into print.

Text riddled with errors distracts potential clients and makes a company or individual look unprofessional and careless.Our editors will read your copy and reply with changes and editorial suggestions that you may accept or reject. Copy editing services include a review for the following errors in:

— Capitalization
— Grammar
— Punctuation
— Spelling
— Word Usage
— Continuity of time or plot points

Our editors work on a variety of documents:

For Business

— biographies of key employees
— company fact sheets
— marketing and collateral material
— mission statements
— press releases
— taglines
— web content

For Individuals

— personal print correspondence & business letters
— email correspondence — fiction and non-fiction manuscripts
— blog writing, design & development
— websites

Our prices are below. For additional information or to request an estimate, please follow the instructions below or phone in the U.S. to 954-989-3338 (Eastern Time Zone). Alternatively, please email your document with an explanation of your needs to editorial(AT)xpresspress.com and one of our editors will reply with an estimate and approximate turnaround time.


Comprehensive Editing (a page is defined as between 250-300 words). All prices are in U.S. dollars. Prices reflect online or print content.

Next-Day Service $9.00 per page (minimum 1-15 pages)
2-Day Service $6.00 per page (minimum 1-30 pages)
3-Day Service $5.00 per page (minimum 15 pages)
1 Week or more $3. 50 per page(minimum 30 pages)

How to Begin

Call or email your document to our Editorial Department (editorial (AT) xpresspress.com). Please include the following: A line with the document’s estimated word count, deadline for assignment to be completed, the name of the billing party, plus an address and a telephone number where an editor may reach the person ordering our service.

All copy editing assignments must be pre-paid. An editor will review the document and confirm the charge based on the supplied word count and/or alert the party placing the order if — in their opinion — the document needs more extensive revisions beyond copy editing. An invoice will be sent via email and payment is due in advance of beginning the assignment. Turnaround is based on a first come, first served basis.

Major credit cards are accepted or payment may be made by check in advance of starting the assignment.

For prompt reply to your questions via e-mail write to editorial (AT) xpresspress.com or phone. Business hours are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. US EST. Call within the US +1- 954-989-3338.