Yelli all-natural, non-GMO soups now sold in over 100 New York groceries and markets.

Fair Lawn, NJ – April 26, 2016 /XPRESS PRESS NEWS SERVICE/ – Yelli Foods’ exotic blend of non-GMO natural, healthy soups, created by street vendors in India, Italy, Peru, Siberia and Thailand are now sold in over 100 stores in New York City.

Yelli Foods began producing soup in 2015, inspired by old-world traditions and street vendors who craft magical recipes over open fires with only a grill and basic cooking tools. Slava, a professional photographer and gourmet, captured them in pictures and collected the best recipes for Yelli.

“Forget restaurants, the true color of a cuisine is measured through centuries-old traditions—a history and spirit felt only in the street. Yelli celebrates street vendors who hold these traditions,” said company founder, Slava. “Some of the world’s greatest chefs are not celebrities. They are regular people who craft masterpieces on the street with simple cooking tools. Our goal is to bring the superb taste, aroma and colors of the street to the home kitchen.”

The name Yelli is borrowed from the captivating harmonies sung by the Baka people who inhabit the Central African rain forest. The Baka are hunters and gatherers. Women sing the “yelli” song to enchant the tropical forests and attract wild animals to ensure the day’s successful hunt. In the modern world, consumers hunt and gather food in the market. To bring home a Yelli soup is to have a successful market day.

Yelli soups are sold as a natural dry mix that is quick and easy to prepare. Our blends use spices and not salt to draw out the essence and warmth of street cooking. These soups are ideal for people with passion for natural healthy food, and are suitable for those who choose to live a nutritious vegetarian, vegan or kosher diet.

Five soup flavors are available to consumers.

• Red Lentil East Indian Masoor Dal (India)
• Wild Porcini and Whole Grain (Siberia)
• Orzo Pasta and Lentil (Italy)
• Quinoa and Vegetables (Peruvian of Inca origin)
• Jasmine Rice Spicy Thai Congee with Ginger (Thailand)

About Yelli Foods

Yelli is Mindful Food. Based in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, Yelli strives to produce food that is easy-to-cook made from natural ingredients with no additives or GMOs. Full U.S. distribution is expected fall 2016.

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