RIGA, Latvia, Feb. 19, 2015 /Xpress Press/ — Royal Berry (www.royal-berry.com) will soon rule the fruit juice category within the natural beverage industry. Organically grown in Latvia, and cold pressed to preserve flavor and nutrients, Royal Berry is the ideal blend of juice and artesian well water for nutrition and hydration.

“Latvia has a strong agricultural tradition. With its pristine land and water, it serves as the breadbasket for Europe. It is common in Latvia for families to collect berries in summer and prepare juices and jams at home. My family did this for generations. We’re now sharing family recipes with U.S. consumers, having learned the best way to preserve natural flavor without preservatives or chemical additives,” stated Eduard Kravec, M.D. and a company founder.

Royal Berry fruit is hand-picked. Only unblemished, firm, mature fruit is used in Royal Berry products. Fruit is inspected and manually washed to minimize food-borne bacteria. It is then cold pressed using a process that retains nutritional value. No artificial ingredients, concentrates or excessive thermal processing is used in manufacturing.

The use of all natural ingredients is carried through to the packaging. Royal Berry is bottled in chemically neutral glass, individually labeled and numbered. Each number tells a story. Beginning in 2016, consumers can learn about the fruit including where it was cultivated. For fun, parents and children may enter a bottle number at the website and follow the entire farm to table production cycle to learn how the juice is made.

Royal Berry’s exquisite juices, which include Blackcurrant/Raspberry, Strawberry/Raspberry, Red Current/Raspberry and Raspberry/Quince, are the mingling together of different varieties of fruits and berries from aromatic to slightly tart, which adds tang to the flavor. Distinctive flavor blends such as Sea Buckthorn withRed Currant and Quince with Chokeberry offer an inspired choice for healthful ice cream floats, frozen drinks and cocktails.

About Royal Berry

Royal Berry was founded in 2005 by scientists and researchers in the nutrition and diet field. Juices are produced in accordance with HACCP, ISO 9001/22000, Organic and IFS Standards in EU certified production plant with microbiological laboratory and air filtration system that diminishes any possibility of product contamination.

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