(Atlanta, GA, August 14, 2018) – Micron Optics, Inc., a global leading innovator and provider of fiber optic sensing systems, today announces the HYPERION Single Board Interrogator as the newest addition to its portfolio of optical sensing instrumentation. The HYPERION Single Board Interrogator boasts all of the strengths of the HYPERION si155 platform in a flexible and complete single board design that facilitates integration into custom and integrator branded solutions. Available in one through four channel configurations, the HYPERION Single Board Interrogator is configurable with multiple variations of wavelength ranges, sampling rates, and reference architectures to meet the needs of various market-specific implementation requirements.

The HYPERION Single Board Interrogator leverages impressive gains which are realized with Micron Optics patented fiber Fabry-Perot filter and wavelength reference technology. Featuring groundbreaking capabilities including high-performance DSP and real-time FPGA processing on-board, the HYPERION Single Board Interrogator enables rapid, flexible peak detect algorithms for Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG), Long Period Gratings, Fabry-Perot (FP), Mach-Zehnder (MZ) sensors, and others with low-latency access to data for closed loop feedback applications.

The HYPERION Single Board Interrogator is compatible with ENLIGHT, Micron Optics’ Sensing Analysis Software, which provides a single suite of tools for data acquisition, computation, and analysis of optical sensor networks. This feature rich software and API support is available at no cost to customers for sensor conditioning, data visualization, and data saving definitions.

Other key features of the HYPERION Single Board Interrogator include:

  • Truly turn-key solution providing very quick start-up and data collection with minimal software or electronic design required for system implementation
  • Comprehensive API and example support for LabVIEW, Python, Matlab, C++, C#
  • Proven reliability and longevity of the Micron Optics swept wavelength source, with over 100 million hours of field operation logged since 2000

For more information on the HYPERION Single Board Interrogator and Micron Optics’ entire line of industry-leading optical instruments, visit http://www.micronoptics.com/products/sensing-solutions/instruments/.

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SOURCE: Micron Optics, Inc.