Author has tips for couples struggling with romance during Covid-19

MIAMI – December 2020 — You could say that Ebony Etheridge was a bit of a romance writing prodigy. She began writing love notes to a boy in school when she was seven years old—but it wasn’t exactly the kind of note you would want your teacher to read.

“I would write very long, suggestive letters to a boy in my class,” says the author. “It was pure luck that my teachers never got hold of one.” Etheridge was extremely shy as a child. Writing letters and keeping a journal was the best way to express her thoughts. It wasn’t until she had a daughter in 1997 that she was inspired to write poetry and turn her words into songs, and later romance novels.

Her newest book, Miami Nights Nearly Killed Me (Inner Voice Publishing) is a follow-up to an early book, Moist. The book continues the story of JaLisa and Richard whose lives are filled with sex, lies, drama and more sex. It was a relationship with a rap artist while she was in college that partly inspired Miami Nights.

“I was immersed in the culture. Visiting the local clubs in Miami where all the hottest artists would visit,” says Etheridge. “Club Story was the hotspot at the time. One night Jay-Z and Beyonce came in. Another night I partied with Nikki Minaj. On several occasions, me and my girlfriends were in VIP areas with artists like Lil Wayne, Puffy Combs, Drake, and Fabulous. It really did almost kill me.”

Ms. Etheridge is a bit of a contradiction in the erotic romance publishing world. She’s a woman of deep faith and regularly attended church before COVID-19 struck. “I really struggled with writing this book as a follow-up. I shelved writing it for many years. But the characters kept speaking to me, and so did fans of my first book Moist.”

The author says her church sisters have had side conversations with her asking if they would need to get rebaptized after reading this new book. “I told them all yes, and to clutch their pearls. It’s an expression we use when something is so shocking you literally gasp—it’s all in good fun. I’ve also published a book called Attitude of Gratitude that’s less stimulating.”

Miami Nights Nearly Killed Me is the perfect read for couples who are board with each other due to Covid-19 quarantine. “I’ve heard a lot of couples talking about having issues with intimacy during these times of COVID. This would be a perfect time for them to read erotica novels and act out some of their favorite scenes,” suggests Etheridge. “For singles, this book—or any kind of erotica–is a great way to release pent up energy and support writers during these tough times.”

When she’s not working and writing, Ms. Etheridge is still a big music fan. Some of the author’s favorite music artist are Beyonce, Cardi B and Biggie Smalls.

Book Summary:

JaLisa is a young woman in college dating a young hip hop artist Richard, who is breaking into the music industry. As Richard takes her along with him on his ride to fame and fortune, she gets involved with his boss. When the boss dangles Richard’s recording contract over her head, JaLisa realizes she’s in too deep. Miami Nights is based in Miami but also travels to New York, Georgia, Florida Keys and Paris.

Interview talking points:

What it’s like to be a church sister who writes erotic.

What it’s like to be a Medical Coder during Covid-19.

How experiences can inform writing.

The author can also talk about her favorite rap, R&B artists, and how the beats and rhythm inform her writing

About the author:

Ms. Etheridge currently lives in South Florida where she works as a Medical Coder. She recently received her license to act as a notary so that she can be an officiant at weddings. She’s also enjoys gardening and prefers a vegetarian lifestyle.

Miami Nights Nearly Killed Me is available on $9.99 (paperback), $2.99 (Kindle).


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