March 19, 2019 – Arlington, Texas – Renowned evangelist, author, life coach, and inspirational speaker, Pamela D. Smith, announced the release of her latest book, The Doors of the Church are Open: Staying Committed to Christ Even When the Church Fails You. The book empowers Christians and helps them build a connection with Jesus Christ as a means of recovering from negative church experiences that led to hurt, betrayal and eventually withdrawal.

An increasing number of young people and women are abandoning church due to bad experiences, whether it be with the pastor or fellow church-goers. Pastors are not always aware of these negative experiences. Through her latest book, Pamela D. Smith addresses this issue head-on and speaks to teens, Millennials and women of all ages and encourages them to reconnect with Jesus by helping them heal from church hurt.

Resetting & Reconnecting with God

Young people and women give up on church due to various reasons, such as feeling judged on their attire, being too busy with their daily schedules, or simply being disillusioned with the idea of religion. Pamela D. Smith decided to write the book to empower them to align their spirituality with their success goals and help them find peace and purpose in their lives. She hopes the book will help teens and women commit to Christ even if they feel disenchanted with the Church.

Times have changed and it’s important, now more than ever, that we empower women, Millennials, and our next generation to connect with Jesus,” states Pamela D. Smith. “The last thing we should ever do is close the doors on those who have been hurt by the Church and this book reassures readers that the doors to Jesus and the Church will ALWAYS be open.” 

Pamela D. Smith is happily available for speaking engagements and her book, “The Doors of the Church are Open: Staying Committed to Christ Even When the Church Fails You” is available for sale on her website. Bulk orders for church or groups can be placed on the website too.

About Pamela D. Smith

Pamela D. Smith is an evangelist, author, international spiritual speaker, and life and business coach with multiple Amazon best-selling books under her belt. She has self-published 4 books, a prayer journal, and released a prayer CD to help people achieve spiritual and personal empowerment. Pamela D. Smith has a Master’s Degree in Business Management and she continues to take courses and training in management, business development, marketing, sales, and self-publishing.

Her book titled The Doors of the Church are Open: Staying Committed to Christ Even When the Church Fails You can be found on more information:

Pamela D. Smith, smith.pamela391 (AT) gmail dot com.