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Gain the Job Interview Advantage with Top Tips from Body Language Expert Gil Shermeister

Los Gatos, CA – ( — Your body language during an interview may be revealing things to a potential boss that you didn’t know. The interviewer’s body language also can reveal what he/she is thinking. Learning how to use and read non-verbal cues can give job seekers a clear advantage over other contenders.

“Job seekers invest a lot in preparation for an interview: new clothes; perfect hair and nails; company research, and role playing the interview so they have all the right answers. But knowing how to use non-verbal cues and communication to build trust and confidence is just as important,” said Gil Shermeister, behavioral zoologist that 12 years ago co-invented the Body Language Cards, a method used in the training of executives, sales forces and professional security personnel.  

Shermeister’s top six interview tips include:

  1. When entering, people tend to create an imaginary barrier to protect themselves by clutching a handbag or crossing their arms. To the interviewer this “says” insecurity. Keep an open body stance (no crossed arms or legs) and maintain eye contact.
  2. Avoid making the upper hand handshake which indicates a need to dominate.
  3. If interviewed by several people, always identify the decision-maker. This is the person others glance at when they are finished talking. Direct comments/replies to the decision-maker.
  4. Under stress people instinctively tend to protect the main artery. In modern society it is manifested by touching the tie or playing with a necklace (image) Don’t fidget with jewelry or garments in this way.
  5. The interviewer may reveal a need for more information by putting an object in his/her mouth or motioning with a pen or the tip of the glasses (image). Take the cue and provide more details.
  6. If the interviewer puts his fingers together (pyramid-like), this may indicate an attempt to “connect the dots” (image). Another good sign is when the interviewer rubs his hands together. Both gestures indicate satisfaction.

“Having worked in the careers/employment industry for more than 30 years, I know that many job seekers inadvertently sabotage their own searches because they don’t understand the messages that their body language communicates,” said Wendy Enelow, with Career Thought Leaders Consortium. “The moment I saw the Body Language Cards, I knew that I was looking at something special.”

To learn body language secrets for acing interviews and creating a positive professional image, visit

Body Language Cards ( are part of the “Skill in a Box” series developed by Gil Shermeister, Dan Rolls and Liat Zohar. Body Language Cards are available on the web for $24.95 as an accessible instrument for quickly learning and recognizing non-verbal gestures and cues. They are published in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew and German and may be customized for use by corporations and groups worldwide.

Click (image) for cards; for kit:

Contact: Dan Rolls, 650-996-9332, for samples.


Source: Body Language Cards


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