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Five Relationship Resolutions to Start the New Year off Right

LOS ANGELES — Charyn Gant and Dahmenah are a new breed of California “gurls” committed to helping women make smarter dating choices that lead to better relationships. The women joined forces in 2009 to form, GURL KNOW, a company dedicated to assisting women with becoming their best self so they can live better lives. Their first book, “The Dating Revolution Workbook – A 12 Step Journey to Rediscovering your Power,” is now available for purchase at ($38.99), also available at Amazon, digital retailers and retail bookstores nationwide.

The Dating Revolution Workbook is designed to help women reconnect to themselves by taking a serious look at their life, their choices and their actions. Included are these tips to get your relationship off on the right foot this year:

1) Don’t act like a Desperate Dater by chasing a man. If a man is not moving at the pace you want find another.

2) Don’t become intimate without commitment.

3) Don’t date married or “spoken for” men.

4) Don’t follow a man unless you know where you’re going.

5) Say NO to anything that does not serve your best interest.

“Throughout the ages, women have used the Power of Femininity as a source of their self-esteem and self-confidence, making them very desirable to men,” say the two women. “However, many of today’s women have misplaced their femininity or what we like to call their Feminine POWER. This workbook is designed to help women reconnect to themselves before they ‘connect’ with another.”

About Gurl Know

Gurl Know are Charyn Gant and Dahmenah.

Holding a degree in business administration, Dahmenah discovered her calling to help others while working at group homes for children and as a facilitator for child and family services in California. Dahmenah’s work led her to household visits where she witnessed first-hand the painful challenges women faced daily to survive.

Charyn Gant graduated from CSULB with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public health. For the past 15 years, she has studied alternative healing therapies and their use in assisting women to reprogram their beliefs and improve health and spiritual well-being.

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