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ePuppets Studios Launches FaceMashTV a New Web Series About Puppets Playing With Food

Company Hopes Apple.Kiwi Campaign to Promote Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle Goes Viral

Mt. Shasta, Calif. – Sept 28, 2016 – Puppets have played a huge hand in the success of Mt. Shasta retailer ePuppets, Inc. This small store in a mountain town has BIG ideas. It’s a Silicon Mountain Interactive Entertainment Startup with a mission to bring the magic of puppets to a whole new generation—through television.

The company’s first Web Series FaceMashTV will debut next month. Each episode will feature puppets playing different roles and stuffing their faces with mashed foods. The puppets learn about different foods and, by the end of the show, sing about what they learned.

Episodes can be viewed at http://www.FaceMash.TV or
“We were inspired to create an online TV show about puppets playing with food to help educate kids and adults on the importance of healthy eating. We learned that mashed food is a great way to get picky eaters to eat,” said founder Daniel Bryan. “We will integrate product placement opportunities for products we carry like Construction Spoons, Forks, Mash Potato Pushers, and other food related items.”

In addition to focusing on video content development, ePuppets rebranded its e-commerce division as The new website will not only sell products, it will feature toy and game reviews. On Apple.Kiwi some of the company’s most popular puppet characters will provide Siskel and Ebert-styled criticism using apple and kiwi flavored jelly beans for the ratings summary. More traditional reviews may be viewed at and Also planned is a Gift Box subscription service at

New ePuppets portals will roll out during the Holiday Shopping Season. “Our objective is to leverage our original characters to raise awareness for a variety of social issues, and to position the company and the dot TOYS domain as the go to choice in the online marketing space.”

To view all of the company’s dot toys Global Top Level Domains, visit

About ePuppets, Inc.

Located in the heart of downtown Mt. Shasta, California, ePuppets, Inc. sells toys and gifts from around the world. Through the acquisition of top level dot TOYS domains the company has planted a flag in the online toy space encouraging other online retailers to imagine alternatives to dot com dinosaur.


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